Ela lava e ele enxuga

Publicado em 09/08/2010

Prática de Tradução de Textos Literários – Português/Inglês

She washes and he dries

As I once could tell (Aventura do Cotidiano - 4, em "A Falta que Ela me Faz") there were three bachelors living with their widowed father in that house in the countryside of Minas Gerais. One day the youngest, not so young anymore, met a girl, liked the girl, and ended up marrying the girl.
He got married and left home.
Some time later, while visiting his father and brothers, he didn`t hide his enthusiasm: “Guys, you have no idea how good wives can be! They are so useful…”
This cannot be denied as a definition of marriage, as it was understood long time ago. Nowadays, the idea which prevails is the one remarked by the other one, after he got married: “So, that`s marriage? She washes and I dry?”
“But things will be different now” She wondered when she left her work. Instead of going straight home to cook her husband`s dinner, she went to the hairdresser to do her hair.
After several months without a maid, finally came the day of not slaving over a hot stove – as he loved to joke with her, and which, by the way, was not funny at all.
In vain, she had tried to tell him, by phoning him at the office, that she wanted to dine out that night:…

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